History  of the company


It was in the year 1919 where master carpenter Leonhard Wick founded a turnery for the production of wooden brush handles. He founded his company in the small town of Bechhofen, Germany. At that time there were over 60 brush manufacturers in and around Bechhofen and Nuremberg. Bechhofen became, and still is, the leading production site for all types of artists-, school-, cosmetic- and paint brushes worldwide!

Leonhard Wick´s decision to found his company proved to be wise and far sighted as his success grew throughout the years.

Leonhard Wick


In the year of 1980, a grandson of Leonhard Wick, Hans Rainer Arnold started to gain experience in the production of cosmetic brush ferrules. This seamed to be a logical extension of the business, as there were many large cosmetic brush manufacturers within the local area. Nowadays, most ferrules are produced for school- and artist brushes.

Up until the end of the 80´s brush handles were produced with great workmanship in Bechhofen. A major economic decision was made around 1990. The company transferred its production to Transsylvania, a part of Romania where once German settlers cultivated and developed the country. To this day there still exists a German population where tradition, responsibility and integrity have great meaning to those living and working there.

Favourable production costs and large and beautiful beech wood forests were the main factors for this decision. The production of most ferrules was transferred later to Romania as well. Labour intensive production was the main reason for this decision.

A few years ago, Holger and Achim Arnold joint the company. Leonhard Wick was their great grandfather.

Throughout the decades, the Arnold family developed its export market. Brush manufacturers in over 40 countries rely on the delivery of brush handles and ferrules from Arnold Brush Components.
But the basement of business still are the local customers and the large warehouse with more than 1000 various sizes and types of ferrules and wooden handles.
There are always about 4 million ferrules and 3 million handles on stock

In beginning 2008 the company installed a second small paint and varnishing station in Bechhofen. This was done in addition to the existing station in Romania. The investment was made to increase flexibility and to offer better service for good customers with special or nonstandard paint and varnishing needs.

The drive for quality and customer satisfaction fuels the success of the company in present times. So, the company looks optimistic into the future.